Team Nutz & Boltz
Orange Lutheran High School

Look to the 2011 Build page for the New years build and plan.

1/22 Finshed 3rd overall
2/19 Won the Autonomous Skills Challenge with 19 points, finished 5th overall

Next Project: Trebuchet (New Wiki may be coming soon)


1/22 - Finished 3rd place overall at Huntington Beach Competition
1/25 - Begin redesigning Cio Cio San for Autonomous debut at next tournament
1/26 -Deconstructed Cio Cio San, determined dimensions of robot, began rebuilding chassis with larger wheels
1/27 Began construction of arm. We will be using a modified rack and pinion elevator to lift the claw
1/29 Did some more work on robot, figured out dimensions and other problems we encountered
2/3 Worked more on the arm and reconfigured the wheels, wrote the psuedo code
2/7 Received the new supplies in the mail, a few slides, motors, and some nice foam
2/8 Began work on locking mechanism for the arm once it is brought to its full upright position, also made appropriate cuts on the slide for the claw
2/9 Bought some couplers and fixed some problems with the chassis and claw mechanism
2/10 The claw is almost completely build, just needs a few more modifications
2/12 Attached Claw mechanism to the arm and typed first 100 lines of the code. We need to test the motors and timing before doing the rest of the code to avoid a painstakingly long and tedius fix at the end. Claw may need to be moved back 1/4 in. to fit the correct dimensions.
2/19 Won Autonomous Challenge, finished 5th overall
2/20 Began First Draft
2/21-26 Designing and building a new claw for Cio Cio San Mk. 3
3/5 Lost Contest